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lightforeverDesperately looking for myself
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.take the moment when it comes, let it lead you let it run.

Journey to Take

I guess I always looked at it from a distance and dreaded the miles that I would have to travel to get there.

Hard work shouldn't turn to dust.

The question throbbing in my my mind

Is it really worth it? so the journey never started.

I decided to stand there, to merely exist. To be baggage put on hold.

Maybe its time to change that.

To take one step, then another and go on.

like the lyrics of that song “take the moment when it comes, let it lead you let it run”.

To enjoy the feeling without looking ahead, just that one step, another and then so on.

To not be bothered about the length of the journey or about the pace of other travelers.

To focus on my own pace, scenery and my breath.

Then one day, without my knowledge I would have made it.

Not as a changed person, but as a person who has become more of herself.

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