From Various Walks of Life
From Various Walks of Life stories

lightforever Desperately looking for myself
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From Various Walks of Life

Time for some alone time, I thought to myself as I got out my building and into the streets.

Today too I was wearing my same old purple hoodie that I bought three years ago, paired with casual black pants and top. From the pockets of the hoodie I took out my earphone and plugged them into my phone. These days taking an evening walk outside listening to music is something I really look forward to.

The cold yet comfortable weather with its healing abilities, the breeze that pushes down the hood I have covering my face and brushes against my already unkempt hair keeps bringing a homebody like me outside.

There’s another reason too why I really treasure these walks,

the people around me

Most of the time I’m trying not to grab the attention of others as much as possible, however they do in mine.

The fact that the different people that I pass by almost everyday have their own stories, and their own lives. And their own problems.

I can’t help but think that there are so many sides to a person that is not visible in the light, so many emotions that people carry with them despite how they would be seen outside.

Every time I end up unintentionally locking eyes with any one on these streets, whether their faces are smiling or expressionless,

I end up dedicating a few seconds of my time to thing who they really are what they go through, what they are really thinking of as they walk.

Today did they experience more of happiness or joy? Did anyone of them get promoted? Do they have a family to welcome them back at home? did they suffer the end of a break up?

were they involved in causing sadness to another?

One thing I know for sure is that I wouldn’t know. I don’t know them or their story, I have no idea if they’re good or bad people, yet we as people still possess the nerve to judge.

To judge them on a mere expression, gesture, or by what they wear.

I’m well aware that human beings get through their life by making judgements, but it still seems unfair to the victim of the judgement,

maybe because there could be times where I find myself the victim.

These walks teach me to be understanding and to make me understand that just like how I’m living my life with its own ups and downs so are others. If I have it difficult so would others.

To not make quick assumptions on the nature of person based on what we see in plain sight.

Well, just like how a book needs to be read before its reviewed and rated it’s the same with how it is with human beings as a whole, since we all come from various walks of life.

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