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lightforeverDesperately looking for myself
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Home is the world itself

Being a Homebody

Being a homebody is a concept that is very much foreign to my people and those around me.

They don’t possibly understand what a girl, a young one at that could do all day stuck at home ,

when the outside world has so much to offer.....

Growing up, interacting with fellow members of the human species hasn’t always been my thing.

Gifted with awkwardness that’s contagious I think others have always associated my aloofness with me being a very serious, and a no-nonsense sort of child.

God, was I far from that

Truth is

I’m crazy.

And only my home gets to see it.

Its my lover and best friend.

A place that’s seen the best sides of me

and worst sides of me.

It’s the place where I could do throw thousands of talents shows, when I couldn’t participate at school,

a place where I could eat however I want without being bothered about the restraints of proper etiquette,

a place where I wouldn’t have to meet up to the expectations of others.

My home really is where my heart is. Where an uncensored version of me lives.

A place where the crazy, hurt and happy me resides.

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