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Benjamin visits his friend Charli in New York and gets stuck with him because of the weather and finds out his true feelings for Charli is much more than a simple friendship.

soundtrack "2 Soon" by Keshi


*beep* "The number you have called is not available, please try again later"*beep*


*beep* "The number you have called is not available-"

pick up...

*beep* "The number you have called-"

Please, Charli...pick up please, I miss you.

"Drank to much got the sickness, pray to got and his son for forgiveness-"


"hello? Charli?"

"What do you want Benjamin?" hissed in his soft sleepy annoyed voice...cute, I thought

Inside I was happy he picked up, but I wasn't going to let him know that...

"How are you doing? Sorry If I woke you up" I replied smiling to myself "Yeah...I just wanted to know what you were doing this weekend?"

Charli turned on his camera revealing his tired face rubbing his eyes and yawning "You know....its two in the fucking morning...couldn't you have talked to me tomorrow? and nothing...why?"

"I was thinking I'd fly up to New York to see you...

what do you say? I haven't seen you in person since you moved away four years ago" I said chuckling slightly at his drowsy face drifting in and out of sleep. "I...don't care...

just let me know when you are coming down" he yawned again then rubbed his eyes.

"Just...let me sleep..."he mumbled, his brown almond shaped eyes closing as his face relaxed into a peaceful look.

The blue light reflected off of his skin in the dark and occasionally a car would pass lighting up his bedroom; his breathing was soft and cute like a kid.

Maybe this weekend getting to chill like we use to will make me feel better.

I'm just missing my brother that's all, I just haven't seen him in a long time and it's getting to me. We were best friends for as long as I can remember.

I need to sleep, I thought...I have work in the morning

"Goodnight Boba" I said aloud halfway hoping he'd say it back but instead hearing his soft snores; so I hung up...

That night I lied there for about an hour staring up at the ceiling wanting to hear his voice again but calling him back to wake him probably wasn't the best Idea at this time of night.

I stuck my earbuds in my ears turning up some chill music by Keshi in hope to fall asleep eventually drifting off to sleep.

The sun shone through my bedroom windows directly onto my face; I never really needed an alarm clock on the bright sunny days but I would set it just in case and end up waking

up ten minutes before the alarm. It was time for work; I can work today and take off for the week...

I'm sure Janett would let me get off hopefully early enough to get gas ready to leave tonight which is perfect because I can surprise Charli. He'll be expecting me this weekend.

The thought of seeing Charli put a smile on my face and motivation to get up and brush my teeth and get dressed,

putting on my uniform before grabbing a breakfast bagel then leaving out to my car.

It was pretty cool today but none the less nice out as it is all of the time in Miami, cool for Miami is hot for collage students who are taking a trip for break to the beaches here.

Traffic is as it is always...

"Drank too much, got the sickness. pray to god and his son for forgiveness"


"Hey Charli, are you just waking up?" ah, Charli, my reason for smiling.

"Yeah, good morning. are you heading to work?" he questioned yawning a little

"I am actually driving right now" I replied

"Oh then I'll call back later-"

"No. I just put you through the radio. So I don't have to hold the phone actually" I smiled

"So when you do get here, I was thinking we'd go to this new restaurant that opened up; It has Karaoke and since I just turned twenty-one we can grab some drinks" he suggested.

"Charli you know I can't sing. But since I couldn't see you for your birthday last week like what was planned I guess we can do that and celebrate it a little late.

I'll serenade you with my siren voice" I laughed

Charli chuckled smiling wider, his eyes squinted as if they were smiling too. His whole face was sunshine "You should really keep your eyes on the road stupid; you'll crash.

I'll bring my guitar so it will be more fun; I promise I will drink responsibly, I'm excited"

"You better Boba. I can't wait to see you man; it's going to be just like old times" so adorable, I thought.

"Benjamin, don't call me that. Gosh it sounds weird now, you'd haven't called me that since we were kids.

I remember that day Boba came out of my nose when i laughed at that stupid butt crack joke; it became my nickname ever since" he groaned, cringing slightly.

"but sadly, I must go. I will call you when I am off work though. You have a good day and did you forget EpiPen?" he added

I shook my head "I have it in my backpack,don't worry. And you have a good day too...goodbye"

"Bye.." he waved before ending the call.

I pulled into the parking lot of the cafe where I worked, hopefully today is not as of a busy day like other days.

"Good Morning Janett" I said smiling at the brown-haired blue- eyed girl behind the counter fidgeting with her thumbs as her ADHD wouldn't ever let her be still.

The cafe was still empty "Where's everyone? I thought today was going to be pretty busy".

She shook her head "I don't know...and good morning. Hanna said that we can leave early today at one O'clock, there is suppose to be some sort of renovation.

The cafe is going under some construction for the week; a new look I guess you can call it" she replied picking the skin off of her thumb.

"You know, that's perfect.

I was going to take off of work for the week anyways because I was planning to go visit a friend in New York that I haven't seen in a while" I said walking behind the counter "This place

was getting pretty boring anyways" I added.

Janett stepped in front of me with an excited look on her face"Who is this friend? Is it a girl? Do I know her?!" she exclaimed.

"What the-....if you must know it's a guy and it's just a friend I grew up with"

"When are you going to get a girlfriend, you're so lonely" she said disappointedly "I have friends who are single that I can set you up with"

"No, I don't want a relationship right now...

I am just to busy and that would only distract me but thank you" I said stepping around her escaping through the employee's only door to the locker room where....shit...I forgot my backpack...

in the car maybe? I has to be there. I walked back out "Forgot my bag in the car".

I looked in the back seat and there it was; I picked it up and slung it over my shoulder before heading back inside and putting it into my locker when Janett poked her head in.

"Can you watch the counter? So I can take the trash out? I also need a smoke break" she asked as I replied with a nod.

"Okay thanks" she said in a peppy tone before hurrying out of the back door

Just then two bourgeoisie senior collage students walk in with their "look at me, I have money" attitude's reeking of the newest perfume wearing mini skirts just to attract attention of boys.

"Good morning, welcome. What can I help you two ladies with?" I said meeting them at the counter leaning over it slightly.

The blond Barbie looking one thought for a moment twirling her hair around her finger then popping her gum "ummmmmmm" she hummed for a moment "I've never been here before, what do you recommend ?"

The other plastic one with highlights stared down at her phone and without looking up she ordered "Just get me a Chocolate Mocha Latte"

"Oooo that sounds good! yeah, I'll have that too" said the blond one.

"Alright, can I get name for your order?" I asked

"Lidia" said Barbie looking me up and down as if she wanted to eat me; I got a chill. Yeah...no.

"Ok" I said turning around to fill their orders when I hear blondie whispering to the other plastic about me.

"Did you see that guy? He's so hot" she said

"yep" said the other plastic completely oblivious to Barbie's ranting about how handsome I was.

"Lidia?Here you ladies go" I said with a fake smile setting their drinks on the counter; blondie continued to glance at me a few times as they sat down.

I pretended not to see her avoiding eyes contact all together,

she then got up walked over with that stereotypical "Hottest girl in school and can have any guy she wants just with her looks" kind of attitude.

"May I help you miss?" I asked

"Napkins" she leaning slightly over the counter, her breast slightly visible from when she leaned over. Yeah, nice try girly.

"Oh I'm sorry I could have sworn I gave you napkins, here you go" I said handing a stack to her with a smile

"also..." she added "Benjamin, I'm Lidia" she said

"ah hi, yeah" I slightly waved. I guess her tits are best at getting a males attention so she doesn't actually have start a conversation by actually making one.

I was surprised she could read the name on my shirt.

"Um...so there is a party tonight...everyone is going. Maybe you can come? after you are done working an all...I can give you my number" she said

I shook my head "I can't miss, I have a plane to catch tonight and I wont be back for a week but thank you for the offer"

"Oh where to?" she asked

"New York, to see a friend" I replied

"Aw alright, maybe we can keep in touch. Here's my number when you return" she said sliding me a piece of paper with her number scribbled out on it before winking and walking away.

wow...what in the fuck was that...no thank you. Didn't want to be rude in front of her so I thanked her and stuck the paper in my pocket. I'll throw this away later.

Please lord let me get though today alive without being eaten by plastic women...

(To be continued)

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