The Past Years
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lifestopsuckingCommunity member
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A poem about the sucky stuff but there's a lot of good in between.

The Past Years

It all started in 2nd Grade

I thought I had it made

But winter break came

I thought it’d be the same

Little did I know that day would ruin my life

Christmas Eve and he was heading to the afterlife

My little brother, only three

Although I wasn’t allowed to see

Apparently, he was dying

And here I was crying


My dad quit his job

It made my heart throb

He lost the house, he was on his own

Usually didn’t even have a phone

Never seen him

So I always thought pretty grim

This went on for years

Not a lot of cheers

Until his accident, that pulled him out

He really didn't even know his route

With my mom, well it never really started

It was kinda always there, but never really departed

Always moving, making new friends

But it always lead to dead ends

From here to there we went

Always ending in an argument

Now here I stay

Still never excited for Monday.

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