Flying High
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Something missing from deep inside but the drugs helped her to numb and hide.

Flying High

Something missing from deep inside but the drugs helped her to numb and hide. Euphoric and blissful as she would fly not wanting to come down to the constant lie.

The lie she told herself each day that she was in fact doing ok. Skin and bone not much does she weigh but up in the clouds she wanted to stay.

But all the while she knew well that she was just under its mysterious spell. Darkness in the disguise of light, the parties, the clubs, it all just felt right.

Taking her away from earthly fears, ever so powerful in those chaotic years. She couldn’t stop, she couldn’t see, she couldn’t remember who she used to be.

Then one day feeling unable to survive is when she realised the black dog had arrived. Everything so dark and so bleak, it became hard for her to even speak.

Anxiety decided to stay turning her life fifty different shades of grey. This is not life, this cannot be true, this is not what she was put here to do.

She had to find her meaning, she had to find her truth. She had to find a way to get back the innocence from her youth. So the universe put things in place knowing she was fed up of the wicked chase.

Healing the wounds from her tormented past she found her authentic path at last. Time went on and her I AM grew strong, this is what she needed all along.

I AM WORTHY I AM ENOUGH I AM LOVED was all the right stuff.

Coming now from a place of self love and embrace, she lives her best life with ease and grace.

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