While our songs play
While our songs play what_could_have_been stories

life_of_krismore a poet than a writer I guess
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A poem about the day I should have said I love her, but never did.

While our songs play

As I sit, listening to our songs my present tense fades away... I am on that balcony, on that one particular day

We are lying on the floor, pillows behind head Above us dance the stars far, far ahead

We are listening music and paging through books of art With each sentence you speak you unlock the doors to my heart

Suddenly, you rise and say there's an album you wish to play I wait, then Bon Iver fills the remainder of our day

We converse, we laugh then an accidental touch of finger It was just a millisecond but oh, did the feeling linger

We are in each other's arms, dancing to the mood of Skinny Love Your heart is beating against my chest and the moon is shining above

For hours Skinny Love repeats and we just dance For moments, our eyes lock and not just glance

I should have told you that I love you But I never did and neither did you I would have done things different if only I knew...

Cause now I sit listening to our song And the years that have passed felt so very long

You're in another's arms You are happy, or so you say But I am just sitting, dreaming about you, while our songs play

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