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Time and Curiosity

Time, what is time? Is it something we all watch? Something we all think of?

Time is simply an illusion, when we look at a clock we don't just see the time going by every second, every minute, every hour or day or week. We change ourselves by time.

Let it be by growing up in a certain place home, homeless, or rich. We all grow up the same way with almost the same thoughts.

Curiosity is the one thing we always have and always will have we yearn for excitement, we yearn to learn about everything that surrounds us.

But what does time have to do with curiosity?

Well as time goes by we have more freedom as we grow up and get older we can do different things by the time we are ten and know how to read and write we sometimes wish to go on adventures

let it be through space, in the ocean or even right here in your own beds we all want an adventure.

By the time we reach 16 most of us would have already had a permit to drive, where we as well would like to go on yet another adventure off with inside of yourself,

you go with friends to visit other places you used to go with family or by yourself.

By the time we reach 18 new heights are unlocked yet it be by a intimate relationship with a man or a woman to even starting to drive fully without an adult next to you.

By the time we reach 21 some of us begin to drink others begin to explore going out to other parts of the world or even in their home state or their Country.

By the time we reach 30 most of us might be married some with kids some without kids. Maybe one of us is rich? Or poor.

Either we have lost something of great value at this time or someone like a parent or a loving pet.

By the time we reach 50 we think we seen it all, the world, politics, science, we think we have explored enough but there's still more to do.

By the time we reach 80 if some of us do, we lay down on our beds, we recap everything that went right or wrong, some of us are dying while the others live fruitful lives. That's time for you.

A great big mysterious blanket that slowly gets on-top of you starting from your young ages of months to go onto years, eventually wrapping you up and taking you home.

But what happens after you go home? Some folk say that you go up if you were good in your past life, some say you go down if you were bad.

Others say it'll just be a void of emptiness, while even some believe that you will be unwrapped one day, and born anew and your past life would have been a giant mystery.

That you would forget or remember but of course it always take you back to square one.

Time and curiosity.

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