War and Death, Pain and Peace
War and Death, Pain and Peace stories

liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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This poem is from a recurring nightmare that I eventually became comfortable with.

War and Death, Pain and Peace

Just another day, hot and sweaty,

In an alien country, tired and weary,

When all of a sudden, and out of the blue,

Gunfire started feeling dreamy at first, but I knew they were true,

I ran for my rifle, and threw my mag on,

Burst out the door, looking for the reason,

The enemy had come, there numbers were many,

So I cocked the weapon, took cover, preparing to be ready,

Adrenaline kicked in, and time went slow,

As I concentrated my aim, trying to stay low,

My aim was true, using two or three rounds,

As enemy by enemy, in my sights they fell down,

In what felt like a blink of the eye,

Nearly a dozen men fell, but determined to try,

Then in the corner of my eye, movement was seen,

I swiftly turned, to see an enemy looking at me,

My arms started moving, ready to defend,

But with a short burst, he shot me, was this the end?,

As I fell down, there wasn’t much pain,

Just thoughts to myself, and where this began,

I thought of my family, I thought of my mates,

I thought of my courage, my strength and my fate,

In that moment, knowing the end was near,

I found peace knowing, my life was sincere,

Through that peace, there was no despair,

No horror or hate, or malice or tears,

As he aimed his rifle, he saw there was no fear,

I’m an Australian soldier, a silent respect he’d gained up near,

He pulled the trigger, to send me on my away,

If I had the choice to change things, I’d say no way.

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