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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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To keep your soul open and honest no matter the cost.

Unknown Love

This feeling that’s inside me, tearing at my chest,

It can’t be stopped or numbed, the clasp to hard to express,

The sense is not of pain or anguish, but of an inner fear,

That everything will fade away, all that I hold dear,

Sensations of love and cherishment, flowing from within,

Flowing through my body, goose bumps upon the skin,

My eye’s show that of sorrow, as wonder fills my mind,

Should I have let it go, and let my emotions unwind?,

If nothing was said right then, what would have I become?,

To not know the what ifs, would my heart succumb?,

It needed to be said, to release the truth in hiding,

No matter the pain I suffer, I hope we’re not dividing,

Nothing could stop my feelings, to the one I hold so dear,

Praying that our souls in time, may one day cohere,

If this was not to be, I’ll always be at your side,

Keeping you as safe can be, your wishes I will abide,

As a titan guarding over you, I’ll protect you till the end,

Until my time here is over, I’m yours until I ascend,

Your happiness still paramount, that is my final course,

If that fate is not beside me, my heart will not feel remorse,

May I look over you my angel, as you looked over me,

My love forever holding, you most trusted devotee.

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