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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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This Moment

This Moment

From the moment I saw you, I was stuck in a trance,

Thanking the heavens, for giving me this chance,

Your hair flowing back, in the warm summer breeze,

Making my heart stop, feeling light in the knees,

The sway of your walk, full of pride and confidence,

With an aura of happiness, an angel of provenance,

As our eye’s locked, as you passed through the room,

Your smile of more beauty, than the roses in bloom,

The spark in your eyes, hazel in the sun,

So deep and meaningful, and second to none,

As we said our greetings, my soul began to soar,

How lucky I was, to find someone I adore,

The small kiss on the cheek, on the way to a hug,

Smelling your fresh hair, your presence a drug,

Holding you gently, but not to let go,

Feeling you against me, making my heart grow,

As we finally release, and I open my eyes,

We hold each others hands, in a flurry of butterflies,

This evening will be special, full of wonder so sweet,

Finally my soul, and my heart is complete.

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