The Great White
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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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It was cold and dark, in a cave hidden away, Where my family slept, keeping the snow at bay,

The Great White

It was cold and dark, in a cave hidden away,

Where my family slept, keeping the snow at bay,

I awoke to my brother, with his cute little yawn,

From the light coming in, it was just before dawn,

I got up off the ground, and had a quick look,

I couldn’t see mum, in our dark little nook,

One by one, my family had stirred,

The only sound, was of that of a bird,

I closed my eyes, to get some more rest,

My brother had pounced on me, for a game of jest,

We rolled and tumbled, all over the floor,

Each of us trying, to even the score,

He got on top of me, pinning me down,

Smile on his face, made him look like a clown,

But I wasn’t finished, I got out of his grip,

Before he knew it, I was on top with a flip,

Both of us satisfied, and quite worn out,

We stretched ourselves out, happy from our bout,

The hunger inside of me, started to grumble,

My energy faded, from our fun little tumble,

My siblings and I, looked at each other,

Starting to wonder, of the safety of our mother,

I walked to the entrance, a brother in tow,

And peered outside, to the great white below,

The sun had come up, shining on the great land,

The chill of the wind, so hard to withstand,

In the light snow, I admired the sight,

Wondering what was out there, in the land of white,

Lost in the moment, admiring the scene,

Focused in the distance, on a mighty ravine,

Then from above, I heard a great roar,

My brother and I leapt, and ran through the door,

My family turned, backed up in the rear,

In came a snow leopard, holding a deer,

As our eyes met, my heart and hunger grew,

My mother returned, my adrenaline flew,

She put down the carcase, and lied down on the floor,

As all of her kids, gave her our biggest roar,

We all ran forward, pouncing on her,

And she gave us a smile, and a great big purr,

That night I had dreamt, of my life and the future,

Of one day having my own cubs, to love and to nurture.

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