Souls Apart
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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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Souls Apart

Souls Apart

Every day I picture, the smile on your face,

And feel your arms around me, from the first time we embraced,

The love for you was instant, my heart was mine to give,

Your spark gave darkness light, giving me my reason to live,

My soul was yours to keep, a gift from me to you,

With every passing moment together, my love for you grew,

I gave you my eternity, my will to carry on,

To take on every battle, no matter how strong,

The day you ran away from me, I felt a pain so unbearable,

So intense my will for life dissipated, nothing was comparable,

My heart was all but stopped, kicked through the mud of hate,

Whatever did I do to you, to suffer this horrible fate,

Spitting on my soul, you crushed my life completely,

Not even with the effort, to do it a little discreetly,

Did you expected the unimaginable, that I would feel unharmed,

What fairy tale world do you live in, where everything is so charmed,

The darkness that followed, where no happiness could dwell,

You might as well had slit my throat, and sent me down to hell,

With no more love left to give, no care or even hope,

No light to guide me forward, how did you expect me to cope,

Life for me was empty, void beyond repair,

The only thing inside there, was that of despair,

I thought my life had ended, no will to push on,

My story had been told, the curtains had been drawn,

But in the depths of hell, I saw another spark,

Shining ever brightly, in the empty dark,

I reluctantly went forward, to take a closer look,

With dread filled inside of me, my legs trembled and shook,

Nothing to lose, as everything was lost,

I’d give myself one more time, no matter what the cost,

My heart that was stone, cold hard and dry,

Started beating with ferocity, flying towards the sky,

My eyes opened to an angel, radiant with beauty,

Eyes shining like stars, so elegantly towards me,

Exhilaration grabbed me, my soul began to weep,

All the dark malice inside, slowly began to seep,

My heart felt love I’d never felt, so intense and pure,

My soul was whole again, knowing it was secure,

Her hair flowing behind her, like a waterfall,

Her smile with such tender lips, leaving me in awe,

With the smallest little touch, feeling had come back,

Never feeling so alive, filling everything I lacked,

The dress she wore was glowing red, flowing over unseen curves,

She enchanted every part of me, and settled all my nerves,

As we had our very first kiss, my world felt as if it exploded,

As though a supernova hit me, any doubts of love eroded,

Sending me to heaven, the angel of my love,

Flying ever so graceful, as peaceful as a dove,

My soul mate was now with me, the pain behind had vanished,

Any hatred, anger, fear or hurt, had been left behind and banished,

My life now full of meaning, in a state feeling I was dreaming,

My love for her was infinite, the universe redeeming,

With every moment spent with her, I pray up to the gods above,

For sending me their angel, my soul mate, my true love.

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