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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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A poem of when I found my dream car, 2001 RX-7 that I fell in love with.

My Dream Car

As I saw the picture, it was love at first sight,

My dream car alone, waiting to take flight,

I made an appointment, to go the next day,

Then my brother and I, went to have a play,

As we rocked up, it was still in the shed,

So we waited a while, my excitement bred,

I heard it start up, so loud and so sweet,

And is it backed out, we finally got to meet,

The manager told me, have fun with the beast,

But please take it easy, bring it back in one piece,

I gingerly sat in the drivers seat, feeling some fear which then became peace,

The seat wrapped around me like a perfect fit, this car was made for me, as we became one piece,

I closed the door, and settled right in,

Took a deep breath, ready to begin,

My brother in one side, me in the other,

As we headed to the road, we looked at each other,

With a nervous nod, from both me and my bro,

I pulled out on the road, and gingerly let it go,

I put the foot down, so slightly,

Got sucked into the seat, this beast was all mighty,

I took it very easy, and it ran like a charm,

I felt I was in heaven, goosebumps on arms,

No need for a stereo, the car had a tune,

A nice load rumble, we be attuned,

On the way back, we hit a red light,

Nothing in front, no police in site,

I said to my brother, time for a squirt,

The lights went green, as I became for alert,

Down when the right foot, dropping the left,

With a screech and a jump, my hands became deft,

As the beast hit redline, the limiter sung,

I punched it to second, and again we were slung,

Before I knew it, it sang once again,

Punching into third, I felt born once again,

I looked at the speedo, and in what like a small moment,

We were a hundred over the limit, the car worth every cent,

As we slowed, letting the engine wind down,

There was the familiar sound, the exhaust popping like a frown,

Once the pedal was down, it wanted to run,

Like a bat out of hell, it’s hunger second to none,

But it was time to go back, her run had been done,

Back to the garage, we all had our fun,

It was love at first sight, which grew as we met,

We had become one, and my mind was set,

I’d take this car home, no matter the cost,

No way in hell, I’d let this loved one get lost,

Every day, since that lovely day,

When I see my baby, it make me warm like a suns ray,

My little blue car, which shines like a star,

Makes me feel like I’m dreaming, how I got my dream car

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