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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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This is the first poem I've written. It was a way to express myself while I was recovering from a suicide attempt.

My Angel

Life goes up and life goes down,

sometimes you smile, sometimes you frown,

I fell into a dark cold hole,

feeling bad to a life i couldn't hold,

It was fear and dread all at once,

thinking my life was just a hindrance,

Peace that the end would stop the pain,

wishing my strength was enough to restrain.

As my last night began to cease,

my last thoughts were of the pain i had just released,

not only to my family but also my friends,

and to a little black dog who was there till the end.

But then I awoke, dazed and afraid,

my attempt to be gone had been in vain,

then trapped in a place with nowhere to go,

only strangers to see, no friends to hold,

every minute of every day,

passed so slow, i wanted to run away,

But once I got hold of my one lovely friend,

Dark turned to light and the pain began to mend,

call her my angel, my lucky star,

without her i'd be a memory, a thing of the past,

my eyes saw truth, my heart felt joy,

that my life had continued, with no cause to delay,

through comfort and friendship, with heart and soul,

step by step, my wounds dissolved,

with every moment of every day,

I thank you my angel for making me stay.

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