Mistakes, Believe and Forgive
Mistakes, Believe and Forgive stories

liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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Mistakes, Believe and Forgive

Mistakes, Believe and Forgive

Was just another Saturday night, out with the guys,

All drunk by closing time, that wasn’t a surprise,

I jumped in my car, and started on my way,

Wasn’t the only law, I failed to obey,

All was going well, when the car went off track,

Flipping all over, until everything went black,

Next thing I remember, I awoke with a start,

My mind was a mess, like the two of us were apart,

I heard the voice of my mother, confusion set in,

Where the hell was I?, and where have I been?,

She told me I’d been in an accident, and hit my head,

Calling for the doctor, I felt inside the swelling dread,

The doctor inspected me, and told me to brace,

There was a problem with my brain, how it talked to my face,

I’d never see again, my eye’s had become void,

They did everything they could, but something they couldn’t avoid,

My heart nearly stopped, as I recalled my mistake,

Wishing it was a bad dream, that I’d soon be awake,

My mother was crying, but I couldn’t see her face,

Not even in memory, everything out of place,

I thought my life was over, no point going on,

Thinking everything I had, was destroyed or gone,

My mates would all forget me, only family would stay,

I’d never get married, or see my own kids play,

But twenty years on, I still remember that thought,

My stupid mistake, and all the pain that it brought,

I still kept most mates, my family stayed close,

My memory of their faces, came back when it chose,

They all helped me along, new steps in a new life,

Always being there, whenever I was in strife,

My see and eye dog, Bonnie always near,

Leading the way, showing there’s nothing to fear,

The world was still there, other senses adapted,

New feelings and smells, the way my ears reacted,

The feeling of Summer, of going to the beach,

Listening to the waves, the oceans form of speech,

The smell of Autumn, Oak tree’s dropping leaves,

Rain peppering the land, with a slightly cold breeze,

The cold of the Winter, chill biting my flesh,

Snow on my face, everything smelt fresh,

The sound of Spring, the birds singing with joy,

The fragrance of flowers, I remember when I was a boy,

I fell in love, with few lovely ladies,

Called all sorts of names, even Mercedes,

One stuck around, the one now beside me,

She showed me my potential, and made my life happy,

We married soon after, the smell of roses in the air,

The cheer of the crowd, it was an almighty affair,

Then came the day, I never dreamt would come,

When Chloe was born, she felt as big as my thumb,

Her voice was like magic, an angel from heaven,

And now it’s hard to believe, she’s already eleven,

Her favourite thing to do, is to go to the zoo,

As we walk our way round, we’re stuck too like glue,

As I take in the smells, and the sounds of the creatures,

She describes to me in detail, all their wonderful features,

Remembering the joy, that I had as a youngster,

Exploring new places, spending time with my father,

Even with the loss of my sight, my life still goes on,

With my little furry friend, and my two lovely swans.

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