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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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A story of a boy with his youth imagination.


by liehry

I saw it in the distance, alone and ready,

The closer I went, my hands became unsteady,

I crept into the drivers seat, and took a deep breath,

When it turned on, with a start my heart leapt,

As it moved, so fast and sleek,

I squinted my eyes, as things were becoming bleak,

The wind in my face, and sun in my eyes,

I became aware of a feeling, in my soul as it rised,

With every second, and every turn,

The feeling I felt, made my adrenaline burn,

Sliding around corners, flat on the straights,

I couldn’t wait to go home, and tell the story to my mates,

But before I was ready, the engine had stopped,

It felt like my heart, had just been popped,

The time in that car, had finished in a rush,

Mum told me “It’s time to go honey, or we’ll miss the bus”

I walked away slowly, gingerly away,

Looking at the car, which would be there another day,

My mother assured me, that next time we shopped,

She’d put some more coins in, which made me satisfied,

The time passed slowly, anticipation maxed,

Couldn’t sit still, and hard to relax,

Then mum told me were off again, another adventure,

Looking forward to my little blue car, that gave me so much pleasure,

As I ran in the doors, searching for the machine,

My heart sank so low, it couldn’t be seen,

In its place, was a big mighty steed,

Looking ever so patient, looking at me,

As I approached, it didn’t even blink,

And until I pet it, I didn’t know what to think,

I took a big breath, and jumped on his back,

He calmly stood there, seemingly relaxed,

Then all of a sudden, with such a big burst,

He was in a gallop, at a speed that felt blurred,

Through the fields, leaping over fences,

Never slowing down, I found all my senses,

I grabbed on the reigns, with all my might,

As a forest was approaching, at the speed of light,

I clenched my eyes, as we went right in,

When I opened them, there was a new world within,

Dodging the tree’s, and jumping low logs,

Ducking under branches, seeing creatures in the fog,

My heart was beating, at a pace so fast,

Exhilaration more intense, that I’ve felt in the past,

Out of the darkness, and into the light,

Back in the field, we slowed with much delight,

And when we stopped, he turned his head,

Looking at me with dark brown eyes, my mind he had read,

I jumped off his back, and gave him a hug,

With the smell of his coat, I had fell in love,

As I walked to my mum, we watched as I left,

Watching each other, happy for the first time we’ve met,

My mum asked me “Darling, you look so happy”,

I just smiled and replied, “I fell in love and had a journey”.

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