Darkness, Awakening, Enlightenment
Darkness, Awakening, Enlightenment stories

liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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A story poem about the journey of my major struggles through a hard time and coming out the other side

Darkness, Awakening, Enlightenment


All my life, like a demon’s possessed my soul,

I’ve felt darkness inside, taking all my control,

Ever brewing, black as night,

Ready to unleash, an unholy blight,

Looking through my eyes, all I see is pain,

Guilt and suffering, implanted in my brain,

An anger relentless, never tiring,

No love, remorse, or admiring,

Hatred flowing, through my veins,

Everything good, locked away in chains,

The darkness was empty, void and obscure,

Feeling the only certainty, was that there was no cure,

The only excitement, that keeps me going,

Was of a fearless bloodlust, that kept on growing,

Trapped inside, my inner hell,

Demons of havoc, found a place to dwell,

With no known way of escape, this nightmare inside,

This feeling wasn’t life, I had already died,

Only solution seen, seemed appropriate at the time,

Was to take my own life, before I reached my prime,

The attempt felt numbing, killing malice and plague,

Feeling my life slip away, all became vague,

But hence I awoke, in a place not so dark,

The demon still there, like a wounded shark,

Slowly healing, bring the blackness again,

I took to my wrist, I would not let him reign,

I drifted away again, more calmer than before,

The second battle started, to end this great war,


I awoke in the darkness, my mind in a spin,

The feeling of sweat, cold against my skin,

My eye’s trying to focus, on where I was at,

My memory forgot, of the night of combat,

What felt like days, dragged on for an age,

Before I felt the numbness, begin to disengage,

My head became clearer, my eye’s began to see,

I felt something anew, the feeling I was free,

No longer was I troubled, by my demon inside,

No rage or darkness, his malice all but died,

My heart became stronger, I felt myself from within,

Here was the experience, of a new life to begin,

Knowing the demon was in there, but brutally scarred,

I could think for myself, his anger was barred,

Thinking my own thoughts, and talking what I felt,

Helped me realise, what next card had to be dealt,

No longer could I dismiss, the demon inside me,

It was time to come clean, no matter what the fee,

Through the strength of family, and the help of my friends,

They showed me the path, and I began to make amends,

The demon was clawing, struggling to take control,

His only reason, what to take what was left of my soul,

But now on top, with the strength of my allies,

I faced my fears, and what was nearly my demise,

The demon of darkness, of hatred and fear,

Looking eye to eye, I finally saw clear,


Facing the demon within me, accepting his presence,

One thing was certain, I was going end this sentence,

Too long have I been controlled, by fear and become weak,

His feeling inside of me, knowing the havoc he’d wreaked,

I found all the feelings, the emotions held within,

That I had never released, my heart held therein,

I let them all out, feeling all I had forgotten,

Everything that was sour, that made my soul rotten,

I expressed all my emotions, from my regrets to my fears,

All left me curled up, raining from my face tears,

The pain was overwhelming, my heart felt broken,

But a thousand times better, now that I had spoken,

Once the pain was over, I had conquered my false king,

Who now sat chained up, locked up from within,

I felt joy and happiness, in what felt the first time,

I was born again in bliss, no mountain I couldn’t climb,

My life flipped around, seeing the light in the future,

Knowing my new life, was one worthy of nurture,

To look after myself, to the root and my core,

To heed to my real values, not the ones from before,

To find there was goodness, a hidden person inside,

Someone who will make life full, all in his stride,

Small steps going forward, ever chipping away,

Making sure that the demon, was always kept at bay,

Knowing he’s still down there, but not in control,

This is my body, my heart, my life and my soul.

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