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liehryI write poetry to help my mental health
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This poem is a story to remind my big brother of the day out on the water.

Catch of the Day

The sun had just risen, as we began to depart,

My father was eager, for nice early start,

The weather was dark, like the world was in shadows,

As our little tiny tinny, putted out of the shallows,

The change was outlandish, and made hard to imagine,

This once little lake, now dammed beyond definition,

Lake Pedder was small, with a great sandy shore,

Now it was massive, too much to explore,

As we got further, it was time to put lines in,

My brother was laughing, with his big cheeky grin,

“You’ll never catch anything, with a lure like that”,

“You just watch me”, I grumbled right back,

The further we went, the wind became fierce,

No jumpers or jackets, this cold couldn’t pierce,

To make matters worse, we began to get wet,

First a few drops, before a storm we had met,

Squinting our eyes, we looked over the bow,

We kept our minds focused, feeling our determination grow,

No bites on our rods, not even a snag,

Our trip was quiet, with no fish to bag,

The cold went right though us, as things lost their feeling,

From head to our toes, this was hardly appealing,

But did we whinge, or have a big spit,

Bet your arse we didn’t, we just used our grit,

In what felt like eternity, with everything numb,

Something took my lure, no more I felt glum,

As my body regained feeling, I began bringing it in,

I’d love to say it put up a fight, but then I’d be lying,

My brother had determined, that it was just a snag,

Even dad had thought, I was just doing a gag,

I kept winding it in, it felt like a stick,

My brother still teasing, but that was just Mick,

As it got closer, I felt a little kick,

I thought in the cold, my brain was playing a trick,

In the pouring cold rain, with the tinny at a stop,

I finished reeling in, what I thought was a log,

But what do you know, it was a nice trout,

Must have just hooked him, wandering about,

Although the weather, was so bleak and so grey,

I’ll never forget out fishing, my big brother that day.

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