Black Ghost
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Black Ghost

Black Ghost

Coming back from a hunt, the panther was tired,

But as always for her cubs, she did as required,

Unlucky for her, it was not a short trip,

A Tapir got free, after she lost her grip,

It was sometime later, when her meal arrived,

Her stalking was flawless, no prey could have survived,

She carried her baby deer, into her hidden den,

Her cubs were not there, and there was a scent of men,

Down went the deer, as she searched around,

Taking special care, observing the soft ground,

There was no blood, her cubs might be safe,

But none the less, the situation was grave,

She headed out side, and let out a roar,

Letting the jungle know, it was time for a war,

In an instant this quiet jungle, was alive with terror,

The animals within knew, it was the sound of horror,

Picking up the scent, the panther pawed on,

Slowly picking up the pace, with the search of her spawn,

Dodging through trees, over and under logs,

Making hardly a noise, even less than the frogs,

As the scent grew stronger, she slowed down the pace,

Soon she’ll find out, what enemies she’ll face,

The sun was rising, as time became dawn,

It was her best time to hunt, in her home the Amazon,

Keeping to the shadows, a ghost in the darkness,

Getting ready to unleash, all the rage she had harnessed,

She heard movement ahead, and shifted parallel,

Her prey had no idea, of their upcoming peril,

The sun was getting brighter, she saw movement nearby,

The roof of the jungle, now showing the bright green sky,

She crouched to the ground, and edged her way close,

Her enemies had stopped, but no reason arose,

She saw her three cubs, on the ground in a cage,

Made of bamboo, she got ready to engage,

She saw three men, but knew there were more,

Her predator instinct, she couldn’t ignore,

Moving slowly around, not making a sound,

She circled her prey, keeping low to the ground,

Right in front, she saw her first prey,

Not ten feet away, today his last day,

With a silent strong pounce, she took down her mark,

Jaws crunched through his neck, is if it was bark,

The blood tasted sweet, her violence so pure,

She learnt it from birth, so that she’d endure,

Then moving on, the taste of blood quenching,

She kept on the move, ready for her next meeting,

As he finished her circle, she couldn’t find more,

Her instinct said different, but her vengeance soared,

Choosing her next game, she moved her way close,

When he had spot her, wide eyed her prey froze,

With no hesitation, she sprinted ahead,

Letting her needle claws, rip through his small head,

The others were startled, and slowly reacted,

Not knowing what to do, from the devastation impacted,

Instinctively taking the throat, out of the nearest black man,

The other had screamed, of the terror that just began,

He ran for a weapon, but ever to slow,

The panther had landed on him, in an almighty blow,

The man was pinned down, feared for his life,

As the panther dug her claws in, as sharp as a knife,

Predator and prey, now seeing eye to eye,

The man’s last moment, was of a chilling cry,

A loud sound had boomed, from the panthers rear,

Dirt flew up around, she flew off like a spear,

He entered the encampment, fear swelling within,

Backing to the cage, chances of survival was thin,

Scanning around, no sound or movement,

Ever focused, on what could be his last moment,

What felt like an eternity, and nothing was seen,

He prayed to his gods, through the sky of green,

He raised his head up, to look for a sign,

He saw the great panther, a chill ran up his spine,

The panther leapt down, taking the man’s soul,

Smashed open the cage, once more her pride whole.

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