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lieblingwriter/poet/Christ over all
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I'm not as perfect as you think I am


I'm not a perfect person

I've got my own shit to deal with

Just as you've got yours

I feel pain You see I'm not a robot!

You look up to me

You think I know it all

I get confused to My dear I'm not the omniscience!

I make mistakes

I've got to be allowed to fall

And have thousands raise me up

Not millions scold me for it

I'm human You see I'm not a god!

I have dreams and aspirations

Things I want to be

Ways i want to live

Most don't come true

And I get shattered

Life doesn't serve me on a golden platter My dear I'm not a princess!

Not all my smiles are happy

Some are forced

There's so much hustle And I can't always be strong

I need a helper sometimes You see I'm not a Titan!

I'm not surrounded by the best kind of love

My face to the world

I've got more haters than you

But I can't always ignore

I need a shoulder to cry on My dear I've got no perfect life!

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