Tired 😩
Tired 😩 stories

lidyahCommunity member
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I'm tired of you not loving me the way I deserve

Tired 😩

I'm tired...tired of being the first to reach out, to ask how you are doing

How your day went

How I can help

How I can compromise

How I can love better

I'm tired of asking how I can help

Tired of feeling inferior

Tired of being guilty that I feel tired

Tired of you ignoring my calls and making me feel like I did something wrong

Tired of worrying

Tired of not knowing when it will all end

I'm tired of not being enough

Tired of not having all of you

Tired of settling for less

I'm tired ...

Of not loving myself enough to leave

I'm tired of loving you

I don't want to be tired anymore. I'm done being tired

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