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Memory | 01.11.2017
I loved you, and I'll never forget it.


by Li Dang

The most convenient thing about memory

is the fact that it is flawed.

There was a movie that kept replaying in my head:

I had memorized every line, every expression, stage direction, and re-watching the movie was as easy as breathing.

But this movie turned into broken scenes

where certain lines were said, frowns were emphasized, movements were characterized, and before I knew it, I was a movie critic.

I don't like this movie anymore;

I kept rewriting the script, with less emotion, less devotion, and breathing became exhausting.

Though once in a while,

those old broken scenes'll play together and I realize that it isn't a matter of breathing but holding my breath.

The most inconvenient thing about memory

is the fact that I can't forget you.

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