t h o u g h t s . ; :
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libbywithefords (really gay)™ •//
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your thoughts, seen through a different camera lens.

t h o u g h t s . ; :

by libbywithefords

there are thoughts which stick around; then, there are those

which just fade a w a y.

i suppose i t h i n k about it a lot;;.

the way that even the obviously most i m p o r t a n t things are shoved, a b s e n t m i n d e d l y, back into the dark.

everybody says we're not a l o n e,,:

but we're never t h e r e – oh, at least, not when we're w a n t e d.

'we all go through the same things.'

wow. what i n c r e d i b l e advice, sir. never would have t h o u g h t of it myself.

but, in the end:,.;

they are just my t h o u g h t s; but they are y o u r s, t o o.

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