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libbywithefords (really gay)™ •//
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who am i, but a wanderer?

me, give advice?

by libbywithefords

for you, the sufferer.

i don't know anything, to be h o n e s t.

i'm barely even beginning to appreciate the world around me. what good would it do for me to give advice?

i mean,

nobody would l i s t e n.

i don't even understand why you're reading this right now.

i'm n o t h i n g but an unwanted mess who draws on her hands.

all i could ever say to you, is, well...

b r e a t h e. ;

do things that make you smile.

as cheesy as it may sound,

it kind-of-sort-of works.

learn to cater for your needs and other's.

but at the end of the day, who am i to give a d v i c e?

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