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libbywithefords (really gay)™ •//
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love is love is love is love. not sure where i went with this one.


by libbywithefords

what's romance?

is it the way i smile when i hear your name?

or picture you by my side, no matter the season?

as fucking cheesy as it is, – there's a chance –

a small probability –––

––,_–the tiniest possibility–

that i am not made to love you.

you've been to pride.

i could only stay home, bursting at the seams.

trapped in my own skin, afraid.

trapped in my closet.

but honestly,

love isn't about the way i can't help but to stay silent when people say,

"tell me a secret.

something you've said out loud." n e ve r

love is the way i can call you at two a.m., crying ugly things.

love is the way the smell of campfire smoke lingers on my skin after we slept together under the stars


is love

is love.

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