Holiday Traditions: Part One
Holiday Traditions: Part One holiday stories

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Christmas is coming Presents under the tree

Holiday Traditions: Part One

Christmas is coming

Presents under the tree

Santa would soon be riding on his sleigh in glee

Children will be laughing

Family would be together

For all the people in the town

They dance and they sing and they laugh like clowns

All would be happy

All would be right

Christmas is coming

Very soon

Tuesday night!

December 24 to December 25

People everywhere would be granted a Christmas wish

Some wish for money

Some wish for toys

Santa grants gifts to girls and boys

Some wish for happiness

Some wish for glee

I wish that my family would be with me

On Christmas there is dinner, there is two, in fact

One at my mom's

One at my dads

Opening presents

Some are big

Some are small

Some are for not one person, but all

Happiness is true when family is together

Family is family through any and all weather

To be continued......

Next part will be written by @bethany000

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