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lianna_writes And after all, I'm only sleeping 🖤
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It was Christmas Eve Jack couldn't sleep


It was Christmas Eve

Jack couldn't sleep

Santa was riding his sleigh

Jack got up

Went to drink a cup

Of ice cold lemonade

Turned on the radio

Jingle Bells on the way

Tried to sleep, but couldn't

He was having a bad day

Jack went to the kitchen

Grabbed a knife

And started slicing his wrist

He started to bleed

And he could see that if he didn't stop he'd make the naughty list

Jack put down the knife

His heart sank inside

Santa was almost here

It was Christmas Eve then came Christmas Day, then it was already New Year's

Jack was sad

He felt bad

He ran to the bathroom now

Jack looked in the mirror, he felt fear

Fear he would come crashing down

Milk and cookies for Santa

Candy canes on the tree

Jack wanted to sleep, but he realized this all was just a dream

So Jack woke up

It was Christmas Day

Time to open some gifts

He ran downstairs

Brushed his hair

And unwrapped a present

He was excited

Jack got a model airplane

He built it

And he rode away

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