Time to Meet! Ep. 2
Time to Meet! Ep. 2 timetomeet stories

liah_dreamie Ladies first my dear~
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Time to Meet Ep. 2 with @_red_psychopath_ !!!

Time to Meet! Ep. 2

Hi everyone Liah the Dreamer here! Today it's time to meet... @red_psychopath_ also known as Red!


Hi welcome to the show! How are you today?

Good, tired as always, but good

I feel you, very relatable.

Haha yea

But starting with the first question, where did you get your name from? I've always wanted to know!

I honestly don't know exactly why I chose it, I like the color red, and my friends sometimes call me a psycho, so I guess it just kinda fit me

Most definitely! Mine's came from my family and friends calling me a daydreamer, and my nickname is Liah so there you have it

Next question, what is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is when people re-post art claiming that it's theirs, and it isn't actually theirs, it just gets on my nerves knowing that somewhere someone is doing the same and getting away with it

Yes I highly agree with you! There are these true story animated people on YouTube, and they stole this person's art! The original creator noticed though which is good.

yea, that's good.

Mine is when people eat my food from the fridge. Really pushes my buttons. -_-

Eek, especially when it's labeled haha

Exactly! But that's how it is when you got siblings *sighs*

On to the next question, what was your childhood dream?

Well, when I was little all I wanted to do was become an actress or singer, and being 13, my childhood isn't over yet, and at the moment I'd like to become a published author and illustrator, which frankly, I think is more attainable than becoming a Pop-star

Ah, I like that dream. When I was little I wanted to be a doctor, but my 7-year-old brain saw blood and decided no. Now that I'm 13, I want to be an actress, and we are working on it! It'll be stressful but I think I can make it. I believe you can too!

Second to last question, what would you do if you won a million dollars?

I would set a reasonable amount of it aside to pay for collage, my housing during or after collage, and for emergencies, I'd donate some to different charities, and some would go to my parents. The rest I would put in with the Collage, housing, and emergency money, I wouldn't trust myself to not spend it on stupid things until I'm older. XD

Haha same! I would save some for college, then I would give some to my family! My Mom would lecture me and say "spend on yourself!" but I got dreams I'm planning to make a reality. UwU

Last question, what is your favorite food? :D

A fried egg sandwich beats everything else in my opinion!

Lol I love love love spaghetti, or chicken alfredo!

Oooh Alfredo's good too!

I know right! Well that's all I have for today, thank you for coming on the show!

No problem!

Thank you all for watching and I'll catch you next time on... Time to Meet!

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