So About Ships-
So About Ships- the land of eretria stories

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Make sure to comment your choices!

So About Ships-

This is for the Land of Eretria and its romance stuff. I just need the characters input on who they'd like to date. I am realizing that this might be a bit confusing since people might wanna be alone.

But let me explain how I'd like this to work!

The Couples: If you'd like to be a couple with someone, you know, shoot your shot later on in the story, put in the comments who you'd like to shoot on. You can talk about it in the comments with the others in the story as well!

The Crushies: This is if you don't want your character to really shoot their shot and just to have a crush on one of the orphans. You wait for the person to shoot on you and you'd say yes you know? But this might be a problem if your crush is also one of the crushies as well...

The Singles: You don't want anyone to date or crush on. Your just, well, alone you know. I don't mean this in a rude way either! You're fine with people crushing on you, but you just don't want to be in a relationship. (NOTE: You can always change this throughout the story)

Just put your character and what category you'd like so others can know. After that you can talk it out with others as well! And for my fans of the story... You can put your ships as well!

Have fun and make sure to answer!

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