It's My Last Day :(
It's My Last Day :( nogoodbye stories

liah_dreamie I just found out I'm extremely weird 🙃
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It's My Last Day :(

Well, this is it. My last day here.

I'm going to miss you guys so much. I mean, you guys are my family. It's like ripping a child away from its mother.

I just wish that I could give all of you a huge hug. The days went by so fast.

I don't know if I'll be back. But I'm not going to say goodbye. They're to painful to say, especially to the ones you love.

So, we'll meet again. I'll find Commaful again. I'll find my home again. I'll find love, care, and friendship here again.

Please continue following your dreams. Reach for the stars because they're reachable.

Think of the impossible! Prove the world wrong. Fly to the ends of the universe. Hold the world close to you.

Be you. Be kind. Stay gold. Just be the love that the world is searching for.

I love you all so much. And I don't say I love people often.

Mel, stay strong. You can do all things! Besides, you have the confidence and the motivation to do whatever you want to do! You are love. You are sunshine. You're inspiring. To stay gold, my friend.

Baddie (or Jenna, sorry if that's not your name), You are literally amazing! Don't doubt yourself, you're lovely. I look up to you as well! I wish I could talk to you more but blame the anxiety I get talking to brave people like you. Wondering if you'd like me or not. Heh, love you, friend. Stay fly, my friend.

Talia, (once_upona_time), You've been a good friend to me. We have the most chaotic and crazy talks ever but that's okay because it's what makes us, well us! You're absolutely awesome and I completely adore you! Stay crazy, my friend.

Commaful, My friends. I just wish that time was on my side. I love each and every one of you. I think I had the crazy idea to do a google meet to say goodbye. If you'd like that, just put it in the comments. I'll be back someday, please don't forget about me. I love you, family. Stay true, my family.

I love you all, don't forget me. Carliah~

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