I'm back! (just an update and a thank you post-)
I'm back! (just an update and a thank you post-) 200followers stories

liah_dreamie I just found out I'm extremely weird 🙃
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THANK YOU!!! Here's an update on things and what not-

I'm back! (just an update and a thank you post-)

Hey everyone I'm back from what feels like forever! So I have kinda a lot to say- especially since I come back with-

200 FOLLOWERS?! I swear every time I'm in a bad mood, I log on and everyone's stories or even people that follow make my day brighter!

Thank you so much, everyone! I really do appreciate each and every one of you for all the love and support in my writing. Time for me to get back into it now!

Oh that reminds me.

Update #1: Sooo recently my school opened back up which in this case is a YAY/NAY moment. YAY: I am going back to school (finally)! NAY: I would have less time to write and talk to my friends on Commaful.

I am online school today which is why I have time to be here today. I'm going to try and see when my in-person school days are so that way you guys would know when I'd write and stuff.

Update #2: I have a lot of my stories to write not to mention a lot of stories to read- I will be power writing today which means stories shall and will be posted today. Along with poems as well since I got some ğŸŽ†i n s p oğŸŽ†

Lost In The Facade: I'm gonna put this on pause because I going to think about where to take the story from here. I also have little to no motivation to write this story but I don't want to cancel for those who like and are in the story.

The Land of Eretria: I have inspo for this! I think I'm going to do a teeny weeny time skip for the part where they get their animals. Also, I'll be adding relationships to the story! Yes yes, romance but not like that because it's supposed to be PG u-u. (i'll post about this later-)

Partners In Crime: I'm still doing this because I left yall with a cliffhanger. (MWAHAHAHAHA) Anyways, I'll probably post this once a week so that I can focus on my other stories.

I think that's all everyone. I hope that you all have an amazing day/night because as always you deserve it. Stay safe, stay well, and don't forget to follow your dreams!

I wonder if I jump high enough, I might just have a shot at reaching the clouds... -Liah

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