I'm Back!
I'm Back! 107followers stories

liah_dreamie I just found out I'm extremely weird 🙃
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I'm back and with 107 followers. YAY!

I'm Back!

Dear friends, readers, and writers...

Dear friends, readers, and writers... I'M BACK!

After a much-needed break, I am finally back. It feels great! And um wait, I come back on Commaful only to see that I have 107 followers!

OMG, this is amazing. Thank you guys so much, the best Christmas present ever! Now it's time to decide, what should I do? What do YOU guys want me to do?

Face reveal, voice reveal? The possibilities are endless! Just put in the comments any ideas and the one that gets commented the most I will do.

If there are other ideas that don't get picked I'll do those as well, but later on UwU.

Thank you guys so much and I will be writing now that I'm back. Goodbye, everyone!

Liah, the Dreamer

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