Spooked(Chapter 2, Part two
Spooked(Chapter 2, Part two stories

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Lucas's POV

Spooked(Chapter 2, Part two

Finally I find a room with no salt, but as I look around I see a dead body on the floor.

The body had black short hair and a shirt that is ripped and torn, But as I gets closer, I see the face which looks just like me.

“That can’t be me, I died in a hospital in 1579 and I left my wife and daughter.

They must have been so sad, but I haven’t found them yet because I am stuck in this stupid insane asylum and it sucks.

” I look at my body and throws it out the door and hopes to never see it again, but as soon as I closes the door I hears Diane scream. “Do I have to go out there, what if it's a trap.

”I considered my option and peeks out the door and saw that my body wasn’t there anymore

“Where is my body it was there a minute ago.” I go out into the hall and tries to avoiding all the salt, but when I turns the corner, I see my body moving towards Diane.

I run to where the knife is and go to Diane. I thrust the knife towards my body.

The body writhes and shrieks, but when I turn to look at Diane, my body grabs Diane.

“Let her go” I grabs my body and the knife and stabs my body multiple times before it falls to the ground in a pile of ashes.

“Diane are you ok?” I ask, but when I turn around Diane is on the ground unconscious.

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