Forgetten love (Nalu) Part one
Forgetten love (Nalu) Part one stories

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This is it, today is my first day of elementary.

Forgetten love (Nalu) Part one

This is it, today is my first day of elementary.

All these questions race through my mind, What if no one likes me? What if I can't find my class? What if I embarrass myself?

Fear overtakes me, but my mother walks up "Sweetie, don't worry, you'll be fine, I know you will."

Once I hear those words, I turn around and hug my mother tight "thanks mom, I love you" She walks me to school and as soon as I see the playground,

I rush over there and swing on the monkey bars.

While I'm hanging upside down, a boy with pink hair, black eyes, and a white scarf walks towards me "hi, I'm Natsu, what's your name?

Filled with joy, I leap down " My names Lucy, nice to meet you!"

We played the entire day and hung out, eventually we became friends.

Each day we met by the monkey bars and pretended we had magic, he always had fire dragon slayer magic while I had celestial magic. It was fun, until one day my mother grew ill.

I didn't get to see her often and dad never let me see her. I begged and begged, but nothing he just picked me up and put me on my bed.

Then one week from my birthday I said I love you thinking I will see her forever and she will get better, I was wrong that was my last I love you.

The next day she died, I went to school like it was a normal day, but it wasn't. I grieved inside and Natsu tried to cheer me up, but it never worked.

One day, I found out we had to move "Dad no, we can't move, I have a life here, I have friends here, I don't wanna move" but all he said was too bad.

I rushed to Natsu's house and told him I had to move "never forget me,ok? I love you Lucy, and I always will" that day I made a promise to never forget him.

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