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lexi_priestSemi happy girl who keeps to herself.
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It's finally 2019


Hello to my family of followers and people who read this

I hope you all had a good or amazing 2018, if so that's good if not then I feel bad for you

So merry Christmas and yes I know a bit late but oh well, I hope you all got what you wanted and love it

Also happy New Years were finally in a new year and hopefully it's better than last year, hope you stayed up to watch the ball drop on tv or in real life for Midnight if so good

If not then that's still fine cause celebrates how you want to

And for some that celebrate different things than me happy Kwanzaa and happy Hanukkah and many others if I'm forgetting any

Sorry if I am, I don't know all my holidays around the world

Anyways hope you have a great year with tons of amazing stories and poems on commaful

I love all my followers who read my stories and like them and I'm grateful to have you sometimes I feel I don't deserve them but my friend tells me I do

So make the year great and if you have a New Years resolution then good try and keep that as a goal cause who knows what's gonna happen

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