lexitrains of thought
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i just want you to love yourself the way i love you


by lexi

you cannot build yourself a new body

each time you count your ribs, taking inventory

of what’s left of your shell—hollowed out marrow to leave room for mottled gold paint

you see improvement, i see invention

hands are not meant to be unhewn, you insist

you soak them in a new mold, take them out still raw and damp, admiring the new shapes of your

unfinished fingertips

you say solution, i say intention

and so, should you continue to peel off your glow

and digest wine-red

to spit out flowers and swallow rubber words

there will be nothing left of you to love anymore.

how unfortunate it is

that the thing you are attempting to fix

is not the thing destroying your insides.

for you see impairment, i see dimension

you cannot build yourself a new soul

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izal5416save me
a year agoReply
I think this is so graceful and elegant yet unruly. Where one sees only perfection, another can see nothing but imperfection. Love it!

ReasonsofbeingTo know me, read me (;
a year agoReply
To whomever this is for: keep strong. To whomever feels this way: keep loving them, even though it's hard. This was beautiful <3