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lexitrains of thought
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religion was my heartbeat // on a serious note: i usually do not touch on my k-12 catholic education for several reasons; this poem is a culmination of thoughts i've spent a long time trying to word correctly. not intended to purposefully stir controversy. only to express things within myself.


by lexi

so it is:

we sing holy; we see holy; we bleed to be

holy, holy, holy

so it is:

catholicism coexists in my body

in bread, wine, scripture and serpent

because the culture of a stained glass church

in your playground never can be washed away

so it is: imbued in the hearts

of adolescents who are taught faith without feeling it first

so we can taste freedom at peter’s gate

and not suffer lazarus’ unheavenly fate

as if life on earth still isn’t enough

so it is:

holy, holy, holy

lord father of ghosts.

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lexiGifted Writertrains of thought
5 months ago
is this what moving on feels like

lexiGifted Writertrains of thought
23 days ago
falling in love again

lexiGifted Writertrains of thought
7 months ago
i swore you were the best thing

bernardtwindwilGifted WriterGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
3 months agoReply
This was a very intelligent and skillfully written exposition of Catholicism. I know the courage and strength it took to suffer through K-12 Catholic education/. Yet you still have your skepticism and your dignity. You are very courageous to address this. When it stops making sense, we are sometimes feeling hypocritical to go through the motions. Great post!!!!! If you want to PM me about faith, do.