14 things i wish i knew at 14
14 things i wish i knew at 14 alive stories
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high school has come and gone

14 things i wish i knew at 14

by lexi

1. High school spans four years plus however long you wish it to last; it has always been putty in your hands to mold for yourself.

2. Sometimes you just will not get invited.

3. No one tells you how falling out of love with a friend will feel like losing pieces of your whole, like your body is on fire.

4. Your voice is not meant to be an echo.

5. It’s not too late. It is the perfect time to do anything that gets your heart jumping.

6. Your taste in music is good.

7. People can be beautiful to you if you let them see you cry.

8. There are parts of your journals and your memory that no longer hold meaning. You can’t make poems out of them.

9. If he wanted to, he would have.

10. Your body gives away more than you know; shelter the one home you’re guaranteed to have for the rest of your life.

11. Your gut is right.

12. Generations before you are just humans with more life in them. Receive their words wisely.

13. Forgive, but don’t cave.

14. There is still more. There is still so much more.

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