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leviathana boy and his sword
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I’m sorry I’m just worried

Losing light

Nothing is more terrifying

Than thinking

The person you need the most

The person who problem is trying to block the words out because they don’t want to hear them

That person that you go home and shake and quiver over every little thing that could ever hurt them

That just seeing them look at you warms your heart

A smile you can’t resist

Your heart pounding worrying that you’ve failed

Worried that you’ll let them down

Worried that one day, all that happiness will leave you in an instant

You think about them

Evrey last feature

Their eyes

Their hair

Their skin

All the things you like but they hate

All the things you fight for

That no one understands but you

The things that make someone special

In a way that no one else is

The person that makes you panic, even if they’re a little late

That person that makes you smile with every silly face

That person who you’ll pick up no matter what

That everyone laughs at you for

Accuses you of lies

But they’d never understand

But that person

They understand

The way the hug you

The way the hold your arm

Drum on your leg

Their bright red blush

All those things

All those things you just want to be worthy of

I’m sorry if this feels like rambling

I’m just scared

I’m scared I’m gonna lose my light

I’m gonna lose someone that will never be replaced

Everything I do is to make her proud

I want all of you to need her

And witness how perfect she is

And tell her how much we need her

Give her a hug

Play with her hair

Tell her she’s important

That she’ll never be replaced

And we don’t want to try

How I’ll wipe every tear that she cries

How for her I’ll win any fight

Because life has no greater height

Then having her in my life

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