Wounds; stories
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letspretendSixteen and confused.
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by letspretend

Do you see them?

They're marked into her skin, they're bleeding, won't you notice them? They've ruined her delicate skin, they've taken the place of a once beautiful canvas, it's tainted now.

They're invisible.

These ones aren't visible, but they are embedded into her. You can't see them, how could you? You're too blinded by your hatred and anger to see anything beyond what you deem fit for your eyes.

They ruined her.

She's holding close the open gaps in her mind and body, her soul is beaten and her hope is lost, she's crying out, she can't see anything, it's too dark.

You held the weapon.

You made her like this, you caused her so much pain, can't you see? No, of course you can't. How could you?

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