Protect her;
Protect her; stories

letspretendFifteen and confused.
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Protect her;

by letspretend

She's not OK;

Can't you see? Can't you see how she's dying? Can't you see that what you're doing is killing her? Why can't you see she's drowning?

Your responsibility.

She was yours to take care of, to look after, to love and protect. Why couldn't you? Why couldn't you protect her from this world? I guess that's asking too much, to protect her from you.

It's hurting me.

I can't help her, she doesn't want my help, she's pushing me away. She doesn't trust easily because of you, she's drowning out everything, all the happiness in this world she's drowning out.

Because of you, you bastard.

Now, she ruined.

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