Her dream;
Her dream; stories

letspretendSixteen and confused.
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Her dream;

by letspretend

A teacher.

She's young now, but she's sure she knows what she wants her future to be. Not a princess or a superhero. She wants to be someone more powerful than either of them; a teacher.

She'd work for it

She knows it won't be easy, she's experienced enough to know nothing in this world comes freely, so she'll have to put in the effort.

yes, she's prepared to sacrifice.

She'll put in the extra, extra effort. She'll study more, she'll put in 25 hours a day if she has to, because this is her dream, she's prepared to fight for it.


Because she knows; she knows how important it is for children like herself to have role-models, she knows it's important for children to have a stable education-

She knows;

it's important for children to see that you can reach your goal with just a little bit of extra effort; she wants to be that one person, if only out of one thousand, to show that it's possible.

She'll get there.

She's struggling right now, it's hard for her right now, but she's made a promise to herself to fight for her dream, and she's not a liar.

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