He left;
He left; stories

letspretendSixteen and confused.
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He left;

by letspretend

He dreams.

Everyday, from the moment the sun shun first light to the last glimpses of purple and red rays in the sky he would dream. Dream about leaving, about flying away and never coming back.

He yearns.

It was all that in the beginning; a dream. Until it became reality and something he yearned for, he yearned to leave. He yearned for a home he's never been to before.

He plans.

He'll leave. He's decided. One day, he'll have saved up enough money and he'll leave; hit the road. It doesn't matter where it takes him, just as long as it's far away from here.

He falters.

But it's not that easy. How could it be? How could something that makes him so happy, something that gives him so much joy and a thought that makes his heart race with excitement be that easy?

He falls.

He's pulled back again, into reality. He's pulled back into his part time job with his horrible boss, his crappy one bedroom apartment and microwave meals. Pulled away from his dreams, his hopes.

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