Dear little brother;
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letspretendFifteen and confused.
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Dear little brother;

by letspretend

Things aren't as easy as they seem in your comic books, sometimes the hero looses to the bad guy and sometimes the bad guy gets away with doing bad things.

Big cars with shiny hoods aren't that important, trust me. Neither are those new pair of Nike shoes your friends rave over and no- the world doesn't revolve around gold necklaces and rings.

You're going to drown, trust me you're going to loose your way on more occasions than one, but halfway down the ocean you have to ask yourself, do I swim or do I drown?

Dear little brother, one day you'll be taller than me and I won't be able to rest my arm on your head, but that's alright.

You're going to hurt a lot, you're going to cry a lot too, but don't worry it'll get better just as long as you continue to apply the bandages.

Dear little brother, this is a message from your big sister. I'll protect you, so don't worry.

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This was incredibly heartwarming. It was sensitive and tender and filled with love. Great poem!!!!!