Dear future;
Dear future; stories
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letspretendSixteen and confused.
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Dear future;

by letspretend

Wait for them.

They are working hard to reach you; truly they are. They sacrifice so much, oh so much for you, don't you see? Late nights and early mornings, mugs of coffee and minute meals.

It's hard.

Don't you know? Growing up is hard. Take this route, take that one. Go down this path or take a few steps back, yes, no? They're trying to find themselves as they progress, there's no returning.


Some are born with it, some have to find it and some never do, it's sad isn't it? To live without passion, you'll know you haven't found it when there's always a piece of you that feels missing.

Making the future.

Every decision they make from the moment they're able to talk sculpts their future, the decisions they make, the choices they choose, thinkers have it the worst, don't you think?


They'll get there, don't worry. Just have a little bit more faith in them, just a little bit more time. A nudge here and there would be useful, but never a shove. They'll be great, I know it.

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