(2) And so said the World;
(2) And so said the World; stories
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letspretendSixteen and confused.
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(2) And so said the World;

by letspretend

It heard her.

From the moment she let out that quiet, little scream of hers. It looked down to this human, the little specimen and smiled.

Oh, it heard her.

The most evil, wicked and sadistic smile it wore as it stared down at this pure angel. It said nothing, it did nothing. Only watched her grow, it helped her in fact.

And it waited and planned.

It watched her grow, watched her plan all her hopes and dreams, watched her live her life to the most beautiful moment and then it decided; that it would take her up on her challenge.

Then it crushed her.

Like harsh waves or a tornado on a field it plowed into her life. It didn't start small, no. It was tired of being patient. It tore everything from her, like a game of Jenga.

It made her fall just as she stood.

It pulled at her supporting layer and she fell to the ground. Her hopes, her dreams, her wishes and her happiness it crumbled. And so, like that he had defeated her.

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