(3) How he walked away from society's demands;
(3) How he walked away from society's demands; stories

letspretendSixteen and confused.
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(3) How he walked away from society's demands;

by letspretend

First; he listened to himself.

Looking at that outstretched hand in the darkness, something in him shot to life. He realized that he wasn't alone. He wasn't the only one who was knocked down by society and this horrible world.

Second; he realized.

He wasn't alone, because there were so many other people out there like him that had been shunned by society, pressured and knocked to the ground by expectations far too high to accomplish alone.

Third; he reached out.

He looked at this hand, and he grabbed a hold of it. No. He refused to let this girl be bullied by this horrible world, not while he could do something to help her. So, he grabbed her hand.

Fourth; he held tight.

He grabbed her hand and held tight. As tightly as he could and he lent her his energy, his strength. Whatever little he had. He helped her stand up and raise her head high, higher than before.

Fifth; They said fuck you to society.

They wouldn't be used. She wouldn't be beaten and stepped on. He wouldn't listen to the rules made by those who only ever burden them with expectations and false-promises of a great future.

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