(2) She's grown up now;
(2) She's grown up now; stories
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letspretendSixteen and confused.
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(2) She's grown up now;

by letspretend

A little bit older.

She looks back sometimes at the words she's said to you, do you know? While you're off in your world and she's still stuck in her past and memories, she'd think of you and die a little.

Oh, she'd hurt.

How could she have done those things, how could she have said those words, those horrible, mean awful words to someone so innocent as you. Someone so kind and so hopeful, she hated herself.

She's sorry.

She regrets it, please know that. She was stupid and sad and she was lonely. So she did the only thing she's ever known in her life and she lied. She lied and by God does she regret it.

It's no excuse.

She's made mistakes, she's realized. She knows she can't go back and now, now she's living the consequences of her actions. She's watching you as you reach all your hopes and dreams.

Just know that, she's terribly sorry.

She's rooting for you, from the dark past she's stuck in, that spot she's cheering for you. She won't leave this spot, not anytime soon at least. Please just know how much she wants to go back.

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