The Great Wall of Saginaw
The Great Wall of Saginaw college stories
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The Great Wall of Saginaw

by letmebeme

The wall was built around the first floor entrance of the library for renovations at the beginning of winter semester.

Plain White Drywall

What happens to a giant, barren hunk of drywall? Expression

"I'm giving up on college and getting a sugar daddy."

"Censorship is fascism! You may not agree with what we have ot say, but that doesn't mean we don't have the right to say it." -In response to some of the graffiti being painted over

"I will never hide my real self so why hide this?" "AD+MB" "Dg+DL" "Mitch eats ass"

"Abandon all hope Ye who enter here" -Above the passcode protected door for the construction workers

"#meatismurder" "Your experiences are not the definition of you, but they still matter." "I've got a fire in my head and a menace in my bed."

I add "Tell me your favorite song right now" and start the list with mine. The replies: 1. In Too Deep -Sum 41 2 Double -Blackbear 3. Boy the World -Mike Will 4.That's What I Like- Bruno Mars

5. Gyalchester -Drake 6. Pocket Full of Gold -American Authors 7. September- Earth, Wind, & Fire 8. Firework -Katy Perry

I add my favorite song lyrics and quotes.

I add flowers, I add stars, I add hearts, I add an alien that says "I believe in you."

As a joke, I add, "Overthrow the bourgeoisie and seize the means of production."

I start to write open letters on the wall, in a fine tip purple marker.

"Please don't go. I'm so alone. You're the only one that cares."

"Who are you to judge everyone? Don't be a pretentious, rude, gossipy, know it all. Have a little empathy."

"I am not your property. I am a human. I am more than my grades."

Someone has written a number of sad and emotional quotes. I can tell the handwriting is all the same.

"Come and see me for once"

"So many people, so many shades. Nobody stays, everyone fades." "I, myself, am whole...complete in every way. I don't need anyone else." "Up until now, I've always been afraid."

Others use it as a form of emotional expression too.

"And one day, all these broken places fit right into place." "Live your best life" "You gotta love like there's no such thing as a broken heart."

All of these, among quotes from the movie Mean Girls and "Wyatt eats ass" and a sloppy drawing of a penis with only one testicle, people's Twitter and Instagram handles, a lipstick kiss...

A poll for if you prefer pineapple on pizza, "I heart Ashley and Bri", "What is existence by temporary drywall?""Finish the semester strong" and "Welcome to Drywall City!"

A large, beautifully drawn, anatomical heart with flowers growing from the veins provides contrast to "What do you call a tall thug? A g-raffe".

Bible verses right next to "hurry up and finish this dang project" and "have a good finals week" and "KR+TC".

It's strange...the connection I feel when I pass the Great Wall of Saginaw. I feel like these people's lives are all tied to mine just be the common space we share every day.

I may have never seen or spoken to any of them. For all I know, some of them could have been written by a close friend. A joke, a lyric, a poem, a quote, a cry for help, a work of art.

It's what makes us human.

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